Running with EOTOOOOO! 11/4, 11/5, 11/7

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Big thanks to EOTO and Mike Rempel of Lotus for having us out for a few shows! You guys played phenomenal shows, and the addition of Mike’s guitar/electronics added even more depth and color to your already beautifully improvised music.

Shout outs to the EOTO crew and the FOH from each respective venue, Jefferson Theater in Charlottesville, VA, The Foundry at Fillmore in Philadelphia, PA, and The Rex Theater in Pittsburgh, PA. You guys all killed it.

We took a slight detour on 11/6 while EOTO hit our hometown, Baltimore, and headed up to The Gutter in Brooklyn, NY for a show with Space Bacon, and our brothers Sassafraz, whom we’ll be hitting the road with this weekend in Ohio (11/12-14) along with Belles and Robes. We’ll see you out there!


10/9/15 and 10/10/15 with Marco Benevento

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Great seeing some familiar faces in Philly Saturday night! Even a whole crew of family that made the trek from Baltimore! We hope everybody enjoyed themselves! Thank you for all of the positive feedback! And huge ups to Marco Benevento for having us a long for a couple of nights!

Next stop is The Spot Underground in Providence, RI on Thursday with homies Teddy Midnight! We’re really looking forward to our Rhode Island debut!

Friday we’ll be with our brethren lespecial for a super spectacular show atPacific Standard Tavern in New Hampshire!

10/10/15 Setlist
Underground Arts – Philadelphia, PA

Dance Floor Politics
Dance In the Light >
Weird Fishes >*
Dance In the Light
Binary Soul

Set notes:
w/ Marco Benevento
*- Radiohead

10/9/15 Setlist
The 8×10 – Baltimore, MD

Opus 89
Take On Me*
Head Over Heels**
Rio > ***
Robot Love

Set notes:
w/ Marco Benevento
Performed as Evaporated Leopard Milk
*- Aha
**- Tears for Fears
***- Duran Duran
****- Michael Jackson