• ELM 8×10 2/20/15 by Josh Burch
  • galaxy barn
  • ELM rainbowbarn by Jordan August
  • Some Kind of Jam Festival
  • Phrazz 2014 Howard Theater



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Hey new fans and old fans! We thank you so much for the energy and support you’ve been giving us over the past few weeks! We have been having an incredible time touring with EOTO and Ill Gates. We have a residency coming up at the 8×10 every Wednesday this April and we can’t wait to see all of your beautiful Baltimore faces again. In other news, we’re beginning to¬†roll out our new street team and we hope all the friends we’ve made on the road will be able to help us spread the word about our music so we can continue to melt faces all across America. If you’re interested in joining our weird family please head over to the signup page.¬†Cheers everybody, lets keep the YEAR OF THE MACHINE going strong!